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PostWhore, The AFDB is on a lil tight.
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I have some things I am clearing out of my room


1 Multifunction switch for a 94+ thunderbird works perfectly
no pic for the MFS but had it up before and if no one bite its just oging in the trash so if you need this let me know
2 black t bird arm rest console tops. one is better than the other but Ill sell both together if someone wants a spare if they ever ruin the not so perfect one they can have a perfect one as a back up. shipping 2 would be nearly the same as one.

3 94-95 t bird headlights 2 are unused and one is used. I have one locking ring to go with them in case one of yours is broken.

4 Chrome cougar center caps from a 94-95 look pretty nice if I have wheels to fit these Id use them

I have pictures and they will be uploaded shortly. If for any technical reason these pictures dont get uploaded I have pictures I can email

I take paypal and cash.
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