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This car is for going fast, period.

I'm liquidating my whole racing operation. I haven't even had time to drive it lately, nevermind go to track days or installing my new toys. So no trades.
What yo get is a whole lot of stuff, but summarized you get;
-Strong 5.0 w/ TKO
-in a IRS turn-key caged smelly loud car
-a heap of parts to support the habbit of racing.

Still reading? Good, here is the long list of what you're getting;
The Car
1991 Mercury Cougar XR7
5.0 EFI V8 / TKO By Lasota Racing Technologies.
4 wheel disc
Gutted interior
S&W Gage

11k miles, all miles after break-in have seen mobile one

fully machined (deck squared, line honed, balanced)
ARP wave lock rod bolts
ARP main Studs
FMS oil pump with hardened ARP shaft
Crane cams double roller Timing chain
FMS f-303 cam shaft

Ported E7te castings
Multi-angle valve job
Milled to 58cc chambers
TFS double valve springs
TFS chromoly locks and retainers
Teflon valve stem seals
ARP head bolts

FMS cobra upper and lower intake manifolds
FMS 65mm throttle body
SN95 70mm air meter with custom cold air intake and K&N filter

MAC 1 1/2\" primary shorty headers (chrome)
Off-road Downtubes (2 1/2\")
2 1/2\" Thrush mufflers, dumped

Cooling system:
Pep-boys 3-core radiator
Electric fan

Fuel system:
BBK 190lph in-tank fuel pump
flow-matched 19lb injectors

Drive Line:
TKO 5spd trans & fresh clutch
FMS aluminum center section with 4.30 gears, track-lock
One Piece Aluminum drive shaft included

Crane HI-2000 ignition
Crane fireball coil
FMS 9mm plug wires
Optima Red top battery relocated to the passenger seat pan in NHRA legal box with battery cut of switch

A/C and Smog pump (and equipment) removed
Interior totaly gutted, only drivers seat remains (passenger seat available)
Comes with Kirkey aluminum bucket and seat cover/pad
G-force 5 point
6pt roll cage
Custom tube framed dash with aluminum skin (all you need, nothing you dont.)
Carbon Fibre dash shell included, never got around to mounting it.
Autometer Phantom water temp and oil pressure gauges

Factory IRS (comes with spare reinforced subframe and aluminum lower control arms.)
Eibach Pro kit
Rear lateral brace

Rolling on OE 16x7.5 with good 245/50/16 tires
comes with;
-4 Cobra R replica rims, 17x9
-4 98 cobra rims
Cobra 13" brake upgrade kit for front wheels. Includes front hub conversion (what the 98 wheels are for)
-2 16x7.5 SC rims with BFG Comp T/As
-4 street tires for 17" rims
-4 DOT race slicks for 17" rims.

Also included:
Aluminum pumpkin with 3:27 open diff
spare rear knuckles
spare half stafts
Other stuff I might have forgotten, I'll have to check the basement.

The last lapping event that the car made it to was Mid Ohio on the Club course. At the time, it was still an Auto, and had no 4th gear. It also had a 3.27 open diff, and was unable to acclerate out of turns, it just destroyed tires.
Despite these glaring problems, it still managed to lap consistently in the 1:45-1:50 range. Now, it will certainly accelerate out of corners, when I bought it (with a full interior) it would do a 1/4 mile in the low low 13s.
5 forward gears means it will blast past the old 3speed 100mph ceiling, making the straightaways more useable.
Installing the new brakes will mean you can brake later and with more confidence.

This car is fast now, and has outstanding potential as a dedicated road course car. Buy it now and, if we can fit all the extra stuff in it, you can drive it home.

Pictures of anything are available apon request, just give me an e-mail adress.
$4000 obo (if you wanna do the 2008 challenge, maybe we can work on the paperwork ;) )


Seen with 16" street going wheels

Unspecting look, aye?

Low, but not too low for your jack

Layered Carbon Fiber dash shell. Weighs about 1/2 pound.

Gutted doors with Lexan Windows. Windows slide up and down, and out. Held by a clevis pin/cotter. No leaks.

See battery box and all important cup holders.

8 way power seats, adjustable side bolsters and inflatable lumbar. Heavy, but for some reason I cant give it up. :)

The bucket adorns our living room:

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engine pics please
Can do, just give me a day. I can tell you that it looks like a 5.0 engine with an FMS cobra upper and lower intake, FMS 65mm throttle body, and an SN95 70mm air meter with custom cold air intake and K&N filter. Also has a couple relays for the electric fan, and a Crane box where the battery used to be. :) All in all it's a very ususpecting looking engine bay, since all the money was spent inside and out of sight.

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so, clint are you still selling this or not?

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i'm all about ressurections!

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anyways, do you still have the car blackbird? still interested in selling? whats the lowdown?

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All I've got left is the Cougar, and I hope to enjoy another season with it. Right now I've got the front clip disassembled and am making way for a massive Fluidyne radiator. It's getting the tabs welded on this week, will hopefully be back in next weekend.

Perfect fit.
Right now you can plan on seeing the car at Mid Ohio's NASA event in April.... possibly on it's ne 03 Cobra rims and R-compounds. 8) Next on the list of things to change is the dash. I may scrap the CF dash for something simpler.

Mean Green was sent to the scrapper many years ago after a highway accident. :( Blackbirdsport was sold to a fellow member in Indy about 3 years ago.
Cougar will likely see it's last season under my care this year. After which it may be back up for sale, or it may be parted out. My next project will be an LSC, and many of my cougar suspesnion and wheel parts can transfer over.

Of course... I dunno, I may be convinced by the right sale price or trade offer. :)

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BlackbirdSport, if you don't mind, could you send me some pics of your roll bar....mainly where it ties into on the floor at each point.



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BlackbirdSport, if you don't mind, could you send me some pics of your roll bar....mainly where it ties into on the floor at each point.


No. :tongue:
Mostly because I don't realy like it's tie down points. If I were to do it again, I'd do it differently.... and I don't have a camera or the car here at work. lol

The main hoop in my car is welded to its plate, which is welded to the floor at the base of the back seat. Very tight spot to weld into. My next cage will weld to the back seat platform itself, at the leading edge. This wll allow more room for seat mounting.

The rear drop downs are on the flat floor of the trunk, directly under the shock mounts. Next time, I'll make my own plate and tie them directly to the shock mounts.

The front plates are just welded to the floor, around where the foot-rest is and as close to the side of the car as possible. Again, I'd do this differently, because next time I'll be having a full cage.
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