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quick headsup guys on sccoa are running a gp on driveshafts if anyone is interested. from what it sounds like you have only until the end of this week to get in on it. so dont delay!!!

heres the thread on the sccoa forums and ive copied the first post with all the info below.

Aluminum Drive Shaft Group Buy
This is a group buy for high quality 3.5" aluminum driveshafts from Dynotech Engineering.
This group buy is for driveshafts that will fit 89-97 Tbirds, Cougars, Mark VIIIs. Custom lengths are available, but all u-joints/yokes are 1330 and 28 spline. No custom hardware other than length.

We need a minimum of 10 people for the group buy price of $354each. This price includes shipping to the continental U.S.

For that price you will receive
A proper length 3.5" 6061-T6 .125" wall Aluminum Driveshaft with welded yokes
New u-joints
New Flange Yoke for the rear
New Slip yoke for the trans
All Assembled and balanced to 8000 rpm
- Balanced to less than .20 oz-in
- Shaft runout to be less than .010"
- U-joint clearance to less than .002"

If you want a new driveshaft, this is a great price. The main reason to do this mod is either worn or damaged existing driveshaft/yokes, or making significantly more power than stock or regular track use.

How this will work: If you will buy a driveshaft, post in this thread and PM to me your contact and order information. (Name, Phone Number, Shipping Address) As soon as there are 10 interested people, you will be contacted to get payment. The payments will be held for another week to let anyone one else get in on the buy. At the end of that week, the buy will be closed and the payments processed. After the payments are processed the orders will be built. It will take about a week to build all the orders and shipping can be from 3 to 5 days.

Payments will be processed through DirtyDog Performance as Alan there is handling the order for us.

Information you must give us.
Year, Make/Model Engine size and Transmission type (AOD, 4R70W, M5R2). Length if custom length.
Shipping Address
Valid Phone Number
active e-mail address

Info on various shaft lengths
94-97 3.8L 4R70W 57" driveshaft (4R70W overall length 32")
89-95 3.8L M5R2 53.80" driveshaft (M5R2 overall length 35")
89-93 3.8L AOD 57.80" driveshaft (AOD overall length 31")
94-97 4.6L 4R70W 58.20" driveshaft (4R70W overall length 32")
93-98 Mark VIII 4R70W 58.20" driveshaft (4R70W overall length 32")
94-04 Crown Vic 4R70W 55.50" driveshaft (4R70W overall length 32")

* Group By List :11*
Mike8675309 - 1ea for a 93 5-speed
Kenewagner - 1ea for a 93 AOD
fturner - 1ea for a 90 AOD
earl - 1ea for a 96 4.6 4R70W
Super XR7 - 1ea for a Early 3.8 AOD
Jim Cook - 1ea for a 94 SC 4R70W
17Mark71 - 1ea for a 97 4.6 4R70W
MadMikeyL - 1ea for a 98 Lincoln 4.6/T45 Length 56.7" CtoC
XR7 Dave - 1ea custom length to be determined
89XRTD - 1ea for a 89 5-speed
SCVidar - 1ea for a 89 SC AOD
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