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Another fan question

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Going to the track this weekend and i was going to swap on an after market fan to complement my 160 degree thremostat. I was just curios which style fan is the best? I have seen the large flex fans with the metal blades and the smaller throwing star looking ones. Also would the electric fan off a 95 v-6 tbird be enough to keep up with my 5.0?
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The ideal setup is a 3 row radiator, and a good fan. The 5.0 come with a different water pump than the Stangs. Ours, for some unknown reason uses a reverse threaded snout to mount the fan clutch, instead of 4 bolts like others. I tried a few years ago to get a flex fan for my 5.0, with no luck. You have a choice of switching to a Stang style pump, and flex fan, or going to electric. The critical thing is the fans CFM and amps drawn during usage. You do not want any electric fan with less than 2800 cfm of air flow. The 2 best ones are the one from a MarkVlll, or a Flex a Lite #175 (Black Magic) The Black Magic has a A/C relay, and adjustable, 180-240 kick in thermostat built in. Read about it <a href="">here</a>

The MarkVlll moves the most of any, but will most likely require a higher output alternator.
You have a 160 tstat? You DO know that your computer won't be able to get out of warm up mode with a tstat that cold. I'd recommend you swap in a 180 unless you have a chip.
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