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I saw this a few months ago.

For people who think a Coyote crate or mustang (even a GT350) donor is too bougie but don't have the money to part out a Konnigsegg, there's always this car to look forward to in 2019.
BTW, I think the Ford Granada which claims to have Konnegsegg heads sounds like total BS to me even though it's an epic build with a similar style modular engine as the CCX (The Mad Koenigsegg-powered Ford Granada - Speedhunters)

TVR Griffith to be released in 2019 and might come to the US.
Engine is a Coyote bumped to 500HP and modified with lightened flywheel and a dry sump system (at a minimum).

As far as the TVR is concerned, I'm surprised that at that price point how cheap the interior looks. Looks a bit kit-car like when you compare it to the interiors of previous TVR cars (like the Chimaera).
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