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hey does anyone know any specific laws or know where i can find some information about "workers staus privacy"

basically what the problem is A) a friend quit and the managers/owners started talking about her to the employees (i was one of em) saying she was a bad seed and did a horrible job etc etc. and then B) i had filled out i couldnt work the day after thanksgiving because i had already knew i couldnt work due to my other job (i filled this out on an avalibility sheet one of the managers had passed around-- and then handed the sheet into the manager) and without telling me they scheduled me for that day and because i was already working i couldnt answer the phone or anything (they called 30 minutes into the shift)-- and now because i missed this shift the manager is telling all the employees how i am on probation and 1 screw up im fired, something the manager hasnt even told me.

so is there any information if my friend and i pursue this with the government or something.

any help is appreciated
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