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Any supercharged 5.0 owners still around?

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I'm starting to mess with my new to me 91 XR7. Wondering about those old school powerdyne and vortech cars. Anyone still have theirs? Would love pics and to chat about the install.

I see KB is releasing kits again for 87-93 Mustangs? But, I'm most interested in the centrifugal sc's.
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There have been a couple centrifugal setup for 94-95 Mustang which have the same or very similar accessory drive come up on Marketplace. I've entertained the idea, but really want N/A power. I haven't seen anyone here recently or on the FB page showing off a s/c setup. There was a silver Cougar with a KB that was sold last year, but that's all I've seen.
Theres a reason...
really been wanting too. electric cooling and a better rad is priority. then trans im sure (dreaded plastic tb connector got me- make sure you change that!) right now in making a cold air box for the bigger TB and intake. asked a few old school shops for suggestions on forced induction and got very different advice. some said slap a procharger on it and don't change - anything - else. other shops said upgrade internals first. aren't these 92's forged pistons in an all cast iron engine? or was that 93 50's only?.. id think that's strong enough.. anyway the current confusion and other tasks are keeping me NA for now but im following this thread.
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Block damage is caused by poor piston ring seal, nothing else.
I'm fairly certain they were all forged piston in HO form after 88-89ish. There's a limit to what you can do with a stock bottom end. If you want 300-350hp, then leave it as is and find a KB or centri kit. Headers are a must, but there are no direct fits. All require a modification of the steering shaft at minimum.
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I did a centrifugal, but so I wouldn't have to worry about splitting the block, went with a aftermarket 351 block.

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You may want to use a Mustang kit but I don't know if you will have hood clearance issues. Do some research on sites like
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