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Just curious if anyone else has done this with terrible results,, my car ended up burning up the right front cat,, and it poured into the 3rd cat and plugged that.

ended up dropping the Y-pipe and completly gutting all 3 cats. Now it sounds like a wide open pipe under the car. or should I say like a old car with the muffler fell off.

I think because both exhaust pulses are converging into that one large and now empty chamber! but was curious if its just mine.

the sound out the tailpipes is actually great (gutted cats, no res and 2 small turbo mufflers in the rear) its only a 3.8L but sounds good out back!

I have a idea of getting a piece of exhaust pipe that I can stick into the 3rd cat from the rear that will go almost to the front of the cat like maybe a inch away thus acting like a chambered muffler and wondering if this might cut down on the sound it makes???? guess only one way to find out.
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