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Anyone have ratchet or 'slap' shifter on an automatic trans. car?

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I've been looking into these for a few years now. Fully manual control with the convenience of an automatic, I know I've seen them for AOD trannys, not sure about the 4R70W though. I was just curious if anyone has one installed such as a B&M and if so any pics? Oh and would you have to do anything to the trans. to make it accept the shifts?
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I've been thinking about this myself, I know B&M makes one that'll fit the AOD, and Art Carr makes a "manumatic" valve body for the AOD, which sounds interesting, I jsut wonder what kind of shifter is recquired. Of course I do realize that this all does you almost no good since you dont appear to have an AOD........ but theres some info anyway

The Bastard
I do have an AOD, but I'm working towards a newer MN-12 with a 4R70W, I don't see any logic in spending money on a car that will probably not last too much longer.

well, now that I actually look at your vehicle description..... yes, yes you do. That'll teach me to just go off the feel and wording of a post. Anway.......
These are some guys form New Jersey.
Just when you thought Jersey was good for nothing.
They have devised a system that turns our electronic shift transmissions into a manual control.
Check em out.
A little spendy though, seems cool enough. I never thought that the electronic controls of the 4R70W would prohibit installing a slap shifter. Then again maybe it wouldn't. I'll go check out I guess.
I'm building one, basically just a rotary switch with a ratchet mechanism. With the electically-shifted trannys, this is relatively easy if the PCM doesn't get so confused it drops into limp-home mode.
I have seen a rachet shifter in an MN12, I think it was the B & M Ripper Shifter, but I might be mistaken....but get this, the car was a bone stock 1991 3.8 except for the ratchet shifter....thats Tennessee people for ya...

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