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I am looking for someone to possibly do the explorer swap for my mn12. Mine is a 94LX. The engine is all set except for the wireing. had a shop swap the sensors from old engine into the new, put on 97 fuel rails ect.. made sure it all works. at my work i know someone who knows how to swap engines and trannies. The main thing is the wireing, how to make the T-56 trimec trans work. I think i will go with this guy at my work to do most of the work but i would like to know anyone around the area who has done this swap before who may be more experienced than the guy at my work.

Another note, i may need a welder to create a motor mount because the old one i was told from the shop wont do. i thought it would have been just blowing a hole in the new mount but i dot not have it infront of me and do not remeber how it looks. I need motor mount and transmission mount, its going from auto to standard "trimec t-56 from an 03 cobra" trans and engine is ready, just need to figure out driveshaft length cauz the old one will not be good enough.

I really want someone who has done this swap with the engine before so i can let them finish up the work or how ever it works out.

Yeah, note to anyone not in my situation, dont try to fix ur bird, get another car!

I had many posts about this way to long ago..

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