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Hey guys, I am getting ready to go back to school for the fall, and I basically have my 95 Lincoln Mark Viii pretty Road worthy. I have replaced the upper and lower ball joints on the drivers side, the upper on the passenger side, and I am getting ready to do the lower control arm on the pass side. I also put in new swaybar end links, and I did the rear hub and 13 inch brake upgrade in the rear on my Lincoln.

I am a pretty experienced mechanic, but I don't have a WHOLE lot of experience with the MN12. I am chasing rattles that are worse now than they were when I started, and the car is doing some scary things in the handling department.

I was wondering if anyone would want to hang out with a fellow MN12/FN10er and make sure I did everything right. Mostly just looking for a visual inspection, will supply beer.

you can find me on aim all day @ Marauderprime

or you can pm me or something. I know there are some 561ers around here that are as into these cars as I am. Look forward to meeting you all,

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