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Anyone know N'SANE's web site?

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He had a link on how he installed his SC ground effects.
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here go to the bottom of this page, there is a link to his page Dan's page
Or if you just need a quick link,
or you could go directly to

I originally intended to mention something about using the factory mounting brackets. They would secure the pieces better, however, this would require you to drill alot of holes into the sides of your car for pop rivets. If you ever decide to remove your GFX, like I did, this would be a bad idea.
If you prep and clean the surfaces with laquer thinner or another solvent, double sided molding tape will hold very well.
I agree with Dan

I didn't use those pieces either. I just used good 3m tape, cleaned the surface and then used self tapping screws on the bottom. I even did it in like 20 degree weather, with a hair ***Not recommended***, the tape needs at least 70 degrees or something. But hey that was last December and now its August and they haven't budged. Good Sh*it.. If you have any questions give me an e-mail.

[email protected]
mine have started squeeking and creeking on the passanger side. It is driving me nuts, any ideas how to silence it for good?

Well, it would probably have to be the long piece underneath the door .. maybe a good idea to take it off and use new double sided molding tape ( regular double sided tape just doesnt seem to hold as good ). The rear piece should be pretty secure and not move at all to create squeaks, and the door piece would rattle if you didnt use tape or the screws came loose.
- Dan
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