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supergordo said:
well we've pulled off one meet in 06. We do need to another.
As for a paint shop, id recommend Dunn Rite auto body. ive talked with them over there several times. Im going ot have my tbird painted there. Theyre not the cheapest palce in town.When i was getting estimates for my Tbird paint i was llokingfor someone who was actually interested in my car and the owner there (his name is Kurt) really paid attention to my questions and took a real interest in my car. As well he actually knew about MN12's and was excited about my plans. He is a busy shop and they do regualr repairs as well as restorations. So theyre experienced in all types of body work.
I actually had shops tell me they dont do paint jobs and such. They only work on late model collision repair.
Dun Rite is on Polaris at Spring mountain 702-309-7484
Im sure there are alot of good shops all over town, just start interviewing them, and taking a look at their work.
Im suprised you didn't recommend Earl Schibe.
Seriously though, T-Bird93 had her car repainted and it looks good, you might try PMing her Chris.
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