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Hi all michigan guys!

well the time has come, im officially graduating in 2 weeks!

Heres the scoop..

IM looking for a technicians job, i dont really have a specified area, but im kinda well rounded..

If anyone knows about University of Northwestern Ohio and there auto tech program, its supposed to be one of the best tech schools in the country..

So far for me, this is what i have going.

Graduated with a 3.33 GPA with Associates Degree for Automotive Technology
ASE certified in
Manual Trans and Axles
Heating and Air conditioning
Automotive Engine Performance...

soon to get my last 4 certs here in May

along with that, i have 2 years shop experience as a general shop ***** as well as general repair.

needless to say, i would like to find a job at a dealership or a shop, it doesnt matter, just need to find competitive pay and other crap (benefits).

Let me know if you know of anything


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