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I'm cross posting this on the Corral, but I know TCCOA has a different crew than the mustang boards, so I'll give it a shot here too. Since I can't post attachments here, I'll link to the corral thread where there are pictures:

I bought a 96 GTS late last year, and I'm trying to see if anyone here recognizes the car and might be able to tell me anything about it.

Here's what I know about it:
It came from south of PA, likely MD area.
Previous owner sold me the vehicle with a Roush NPI S/C unit in the trunk.
The SC had been used at some point, but removed.
The engine looks to be a junkyard replacement (97 date codes in a 96 car).
Car was originally that dark green metallic that was popular at the time.
Tan interior, crank up windows and manual locks hint it's a 248A(GTS) car.
Must have been owned by a bigger guy at some point by the heavily crushed lopsided seat foam.
Damage to the passenger rocker under the molding.
Looks like an original 5 speed car, but it's definitely been worked on several times over the years.
I suspect the fuel pump was upgraded for the SC, but the sender won't read below 1/8 tank. (ask me how I found out!)
Door jamb sticker appears to have been removed for color changed repaint, but the ford stickers on the quarters match the VIN on the dash and title.
Passenger door/fender were replaced (there's silver under the orange).
1/4 windows appear to be 35% tinted, back glass is clear.

Anyone see this thing around last summer or earlier?

It's found a good home, I've already put a FRPP clutch kit in it and it's like a new car. Needs shocks something fierce though. Hoping for a set of orange Koni's this summer to fix that.

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