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Ok, John IMed me from his friends house today. We didnt talk long. But he told me he has all the parts, and money. He proposed that he and I meet in person, he would hand over everything to me andI would send them out. I dont know why he didnt want to ship them himself, didnt ask. Not the point though. I told him I would propose it here and see what happens.

So, if you paid/traded for anything that you didnt get from Jstaib, and are willing to try this... let me know soon. Send me an e-mail here: [email protected] In the subject line put "TCCOA"

I will need DETAILED information on parts and money, as well as what you sent him. Names and addresses obviously. Any other pertinent info as well.

I have personally never met John, only spoke on AIM. But I only live 2 or 3 hours from him, and I am willing to do this if everyone agrees. Of course that means that you have to trust me as well.
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