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Hi, all--

I tried searching the forums, but didn't come up with a definitive answer, so I figured I'd post a question and try to find the answer here.

From the "Ford OD Transmissions 101" article, under "What is a 4R70W?", it states the following:

. . . There are only three differences between the AODE and the 4R70W. The first is that it has a different gearset, a Wide ratio gear set, hence this is where the W came from. The gear ratios in the 4R70W are 2.84 for 1st gear, 1.55 for 2nd gear 1:1 for 3rd gear and 0.7 for 4th gear. The only other differences between the AODE and 4R70W is that the 4R70W uses a larger diameter slip yoke on the driveshaft which requires a different extension housing for this larger diameter and the 4R70W uses a better output shaft material. This is because of the higher torque multiplication of the lower 1sy gear ratio

There really isn't a description of the differences between the AOD and AODE, but I'm assuming that the major thrust is that the AODE is an electronically-controlled version of the AOD with a different type of Torque Convert clutch system, but that uses the same diameter yoke as the AOD, and thus, the reason for my question:

Is is possible to use the tailhousing from an AOD on a 4R70W?

Am I correct in assuming that I can just bolt an AOD tailhousing on the 4R70W trans I have (so long, of course, that it's the correct length for the shaft I'm using)?

From all I've read, there seem to be only 2 or 3 different tailshaft lengths--and the associated housings for those.

The reason I'm asking, is because I am installing a 4R70W into a '70 Mustang, and there are all kinds of parts for swapping in an AOD (crossmembers, slip yokes, etc.) . . . but NONE for a 4R70W--and there is some conflicting information regarding where the mounting pad is on an AOD vs an AODE/4R70W.

My thought is that I can guarantee that it will fit if I can use an AOD tailhousing (at least as far as the mount is concerned), and the AOD slip yoke is MUCH less expensive than the 4R70W slip yoke, thus reducing my Financial investment in the swap.
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