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I've got a 93 AOD that lost OD (90K miles). I ran pressure checks and everything seemed to check out OK. I've torn it down and the OD band is super thin so I'm pretty sure that's my issue (still drive it w/o OD).
My question is can anybody recommend a good overhaul kit for this transmission? I want to rebuild it just for a cruiser - no hard driving - I have a 4R70W that I plan to build if I go that route.
Nothing left at Ford, according to my dealer and there are so many kits out there - O'Reilly's, AutoZone, etc - I'm not sure who makes/sells a decent kit. I'm afraid to get something made in China or worse. I'd like this OD band to last a little while.

Is there a way to put a 4R70W OD band in an AOD - there doesn't look like there's much room for anything wider than the stock 1.5" band?

By the way, how do you tell if you have cast or stamped drums - some of mine looked like they're a combination. Is a stock 93 all stamped?

Thanks very much
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