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Here is an email I got from Peter Calabrese about the Dyno Day in CT for 2005 with Jerry and Dev from SCT.



Hello All :

You are receiving this email because you were a depositor for the Fall
DynoDay that we were unable to have. You are getting the first chance
sign up for the Dyno Event scheduled for April 23/24, 2005 at Bristol
new and improved location in East Hartford for the 2005 season!

I have confirmed that Jerry and Dev both will be present for the tuning
session - others might be in attendance as well.

Attached is the SCT DynoDay Information sheet - if you would like to
up, please fill follow the instructions included on it. If none of
information has changed from the fall, I will gladly use that sheet
- please just let me know.

There are some small changes for this season.

1. Flashers are no longer offered. Instead we are working on a deal
discounts for Xcalibrators. They still allow you to tweak the setup
they hold 3 tunes and the stock configuration as well - they are very
We are also working on some other discounts for products that will be
available just before the DynoDay. Pricing for both will be made
later - there is a spot on the sheet to state if you are interested.

2. Since in the past some have been confused with a deposit and
payment, there will just be one single payment which will be required
hold a spot for the event.

3. Pricing for the event is the same as last year. Payments are
in the form of money orders or PayPal (PayPal charges will apply).
2005 members can send in checks this year as well.

Payments are as follows for cash/check/money order :

Tuning Session : $400
LMMC-CT Member : $375
Tune with MultiPositionChip : $450.00
LMMC-CT Member with MPC : $425

Payments for PayPal are as follows :

Tuning Session : $412.37
LMMC-CT Member : $386.60
Tune with MultiPositionChip : $463.92
LMMC-CT Member with MPC : $438.14

All PayPal payments should be sent to [email protected] with 'DynoDay
Payment' in the subject field.

Mailed payments should go to :

Peter Calabrese Jr
56 Plymouth Rd
Fishkill, NY 12524

If payment is not received within one week after a completed form has
submitted, the spot will not be held.

Any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all at the event! Even if you're
planning on tuning, feel free to stop by and see Bristol Dyno's new
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