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Yeah, just like the subject says my supercoupe was stolen yesterday morning. I live in Amarillo, Texas and currently rent an apt. , so here's the story:
I went out to my car to start it so it could warm up and defrost the windshield a little, and then I went back in to brush my teeth, while I was brushing my teeth I heard my car rev up and take off, so I ran out and there it was hauling azz down the street; I called the cops and they came, got all the info and told me they would call me IF they found the car. I've lived in this area of Amarillo for 9 months and I always start my car in the mornings, and so do the neighbors and never had any kind of crap like this. Anyway, It is 28 hours now since it was stolen and i still don't have any info of where it is. The car is an 89 SC, looks like a 35th anniversary(I made it look that way) the front bumper is all black(It is not silver on the bottom of the front bumper), front right fender is bent in a little by the headlight,
has a cell phone antenna on the back window, the windshield is cracked, is a 5 speed, has Oklahoma tag CMK 981.
If any of you peeps out there see it please don't hessitate to give me a call at 806-231-0239 or call ur local police dept.
Thank you all very much!!
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