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Auto Locks

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I found out the hard way, that my doors Lock after starting my Thunderbird.
Is this standard on all Thunderbirds, and if it is can this be changed.
I have a GM and you can change the way the doors lock. ie ( when put into drive doors lock, or when reaching 25mph they lock ect...)
I would just like to delete the auto locking if possible, without deleting my power locks.
All help appreaciated..
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Neither of my '96 Cougars do this

You may have an aftermarket lock/alarm.

The stock one is in the trunk, on the driver's side, under the carpet, under the box with the fuel pump reset button. You might look and see what's there...

One of my Cougars has almost every option, but both act the same in the locks.
I've never heard of it either. It sounds like you have an aftermarket keyless entry system that adds that funtionality, or someone modded the car to trigger the door locks when started, which isn't too hard to do if you know what your doing...
I just noticed on my keyless remote it says Crimestoppers, I did a search on google and found out how to disable auto locking with key on...
Thanks guys for pointing me in the right direction
Mine only locks when I go into Neutral or any drive position, and after it is in those positions you can unlock it, but it will lock back up if the dome light comes on then goes off.


Warm up there yet?

Check in your 94 EVTM manual regarding disabling the "autolock" feature. There is a way that you can disable this from the keyless entry keypad.

If you don't have an EVTM, lemmeno. I just bought out a dealership's (almost) complete collection of factory manuals from master parts books, EVTM's, service manuals, wiring diagrams (some on ebay now!) and powertrain diagnosis books. Selling them for way below list and reasonable shipping.

I'd post this in the for sale section, but I found out that I don't have enuf posts to do that yet.....

This should be #10! :)))

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After posting my original reply I was reading in the service manual that you can change the settings for autolock as Fastmerc suggests.

While printed manuals are nice to have, you can download the service manuals at too.
I found that I had a very early model CrimeStopper keyless entry, it uses dip switches and have changed it Not to lock/unlock when starting car.
mine does that, but I have a cheapy alarm (came on the car, coming off soon)
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