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I have a n/a 3.8L 91 cougar.
7.5" rear 3.27 gears rear wheel drum brakes
about 2 months ago i had to have the bearing/hub replaced
on the drivers side.

just saturday the car started making a thumping sound
at about 35-40 mph and a noticable squeak at all speeds
only from the passenger side wheel.

I pulled the wheel off and visually inspected all suspension
parts, bushings, half shaft boots, etc. I pried on pieces to see
if i could reproduce the sound. I pulled on the wheel hub and
its not moving as you would expect to see with a bearing.
When the other side went, when i jacked it the wheel tilted
inward (it was that bad). I pulled on the halfshafts and there
is very little play. No sound, and all suspension parts are solid.

I put the whole *** end up on jackstands and got on the gas.
took her up to about 35-40. there is a noticable shake in the car
but not the sound. so i think the half shaft where it connects
to the rear has gone bad.

does anyone have any ideas?

i did the brakes (wheel cylinders, shoes, drums, hardware, bleeding)
yesterday to start eliminating my problems in the rear and i've needed to do them.
the shocks are bilstein gas shocks and are only a year old. all the bushings
are good solid rubber, the sway bar endlinks are year old polyurethane...
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