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Ive got a 95 Thunderbird. As I was backing out of a parking spot some girl in a 99 Cougar pulls in behind me and stops, I end up backing into the side of her car.

It scraped the door and put a big *** dent in the side panel behind it. When I got out to check the damage It only made a scuff on my right bumper. I was able to rub off her paint off like it never happened.

We swaped insurance and stuff, this wasnt her first "accident". She didnt have her drivers licence or proof of insurance so she had to call her daddy to come bring it. Her car had marks and peeling paint from god knows where. My insurance would cover any damage so I am not worried. I just hope she dosent claim on my insurance just to be spitefull.

Goes to show that a MN12 is more resistant to body damage than a new cougar. :tongue:
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