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Ok here's the deal:
My friend told me that the best gas to use is the nonoxygenated 91 at a local fill station in town here, nonoxygenated zero ethanol content gas will get you better mileage, more power so on and so forth... I believed him because he uses it in his 97 cvpi and regularily get 29-30 mpg highway in a car that wieghs a bit more than mine that punches a considerably larger hole in the air him getting 8 mpg better than me seems odd, so I filled up with it and have been running it for the past week.

After getting to the bottom of this first tank I noticed lower performance, my tires don't spin up to 80 mph shifting between 1st and 2nd (more like 50) and it just seemed slower. My car binge drank that stuff like a college kid and I got much lower mileage (17 vs 23) than with 92 10% ethonal from superamerica

Then yesterday it started driving like butt. It couldn't idle down without studdering and missing and couldn't accelerate very well at all. I looked at plugs and wires and they were fine and fuel pressure is good, cats seem to flow fine, pop out the timing plug and POOF its all better. Test drove it and never studders or chugs, it blows the tires off going into second again, and it accelerates like a champ again.

Is this bad gas? Has anyone had similar expreinces with nonoxygenated fuel?
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