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'97 4.6l stock wheels, bilstein shocks. Firestone FireHawk tires.

I've had the car since 2000. Been driving for many (20+) years but not familiar with this sound. When driving on the highway, the car starts to make a loud "road noise" at around 65MPH+. Sounds like coming from rear/right rear but who knows?

When I step on the gas, the noise goes away for a second but then it comes back. No difference if dropped into neutral at speed or if throttle snapped. Noise usually drops out around 85+mph. The noise is quite loud, very uncormfortable. I also notice additional vibration in my rear view mirror, but I'm not noticing any real control or ride comfort issues besides the bad noise.

Problem is reproducible at 65MPH+ on same stretches of highway (luckily real close to Ford dealership).

I've had a rotation and high speed balance done but no effect.

I'm going to take it to Ford but was wondering what suggestions I could make to the service advisor as to what might be wrong.

message also posted in suspension forum
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