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Well for whatever reason I started up the Sable to drive it today and the transmission is acting like it's on its last leg.... from the bellhousing area there is a noticeable fan type / ticking noise in Park or any fwd engagement position, if you put it in reverse it pretty much goes away and the trans engages and will move the car in reverse, however if you put it in Drive it will just sit there unless you tap the accel. pedal and it will "grab" about 1000 to 1100 rpm and go, so obviously this is a very violent motion when it does... also I had to run an errand when this all started happening and just driving around it seems fine, it won't do this until you come down to idle... I even tested it at a 20 mph roll or so I went WOT to see if it'd hold and it was just fine.

Is it possible for a TC to be bad and still have rev engagement and normal cruising speed driveability? Or does this even sound like a bad TC?

Any help is appreciated, this is my only real means of transpo anymore besides the motorcycle which is also down right now due to an electrical bug.

This is an AX4N with about 115,000 miles on it, and a trans cooler.

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