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The only thing this riot does is burn businesses which these neighborhoods need to generate economic activity and raise the income of the neighborhood.

1) After being begged by the Baltimore govt and community leaders to move into these blighted neighborhoods, does it make economic sense for a company like CVS to rebuild? I'm doubtful.

2) In addition to targeting chain stores, these criminals (some people call them thugs, others take offense and just call them "angry youth") apparently also targeted mom and pop small businesses run by non-blacks (mostly asians and specifically Koreans).
The reasons given was a deep seated hatred of the fact that these business people were "profiting" by going in and selling goods/services in neighborhoods that most other larger businesses won't touch. I personally found the person quoted in this NPR segment to be particularly deplorable. He called this targeting of asian businesses as "payback" and cited an example where this one shopkeeper wouldn't give him a shirt when he needed it in exchange for a promise to pay him back on payday. Would Walmart let you walk out with one of their shirts in exchange for a promise? Not likely.

3) I can't believe these people also burned a new $16M senior center. (~19:45 in the compilation that Kevin linked to)
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