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Battery relocation

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Can I get some pics of your trunk-mounted battery setups? I'm looking for inspiration. I'm going to be moving the battery to the rear passenger corner and wanted to see how you guys have physically mounted the battery to the car (what style tray/holder) and where have you mounted any fuse/relay panels. I'm not looking for electrical advice, only mounting configurations. Thanks!!

This is my starting point:

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It's not a dedicated track car but it may see one from time to time and I don't want something like this to be grounds to get tossed. I've already got plenty of 2/0 welding cable for this. I plan to pull from the stock underhood box (if it stays in factory place, idk) to a 300a ANL then thru the car to another 300a ANL fuse and then to the battery. I would pull to the starter from the back, but the firewall hole from my previous car audio install is drilled on the driver side so I'll just go that route.

I'm going to also upgrade the fuel pump wiring to 10ga and add a relay/fuse for that and I figured right by the bettery in the trunk would make sense versus somewhere up front.
Mine will cross over at the back seat and go thru the driver's side firewall to the main box. I'll go from the underhood box to the starter with 2/0.

I'm trying to figure out a good place to mount the fuses and relay. I'll also have the audio wiring for a monoblock and 4 channel. The subwoofer box takes the entire height up to the deck and leaves about 2" of width between the shocks. Maybe I should use something like THIS.
It going in the trunk because the turbo will live (roughly) in it's place up front. It's not a dedicated drag car - may never see a drag strip honestly. This is more of a fun driver that I may shoot around at an auto-x event every now-and-then or whatever. I'm not putting in a rear firewall for sure. I hadn't planned on a cut-off either. I had an alternator built and it benched at 277+ amps so I'm good there also.
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