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Battery relocation

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Can I get some pics of your trunk-mounted battery setups? I'm looking for inspiration. I'm going to be moving the battery to the rear passenger corner and wanted to see how you guys have physically mounted the battery to the car (what style tray/holder) and where have you mounted any fuse/relay panels. I'm not looking for electrical advice, only mounting configurations. Thanks!!

This is my starting point:

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Old setup:

Current setup:

It was NHRA legal before, and it still is of course, as I have an aluminum rear firewall that exceeds the NHRA requirement. I switched to a sealed box a few years back when I went to a typical lead acid battery instead of Optima (Optima is not known for quality anymore).

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when did the quality dip happen? I’m on my second red top from 2018 and it’s still strong. The prices are stupid though
Quality became hit or miss when the company was sold and production moved to Mexico years ago. Prices went up at the same time.
Ditto. I used to run them in everything. They were really great batteries in the early 2000’s.
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