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Battery relocation

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Can I get some pics of your trunk-mounted battery setups? I'm looking for inspiration. I'm going to be moving the battery to the rear passenger corner and wanted to see how you guys have physically mounted the battery to the car (what style tray/holder) and where have you mounted any fuse/relay panels. I'm not looking for electrical advice, only mounting configurations. Thanks!!

This is my starting point:

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when did the quality dip happen? I’m on my second red top from 2018 and it’s still strong. The prices are stupid though
I quit buying them years ago. Right when they got sold off. The price started going up and the quality down.
So I’ve been using the sucky ones all this time? 😆

Pretty much :p conventional AGM all they way now
Standard lead acid batts are easier to care for, and keep in good condition. sla or agm batts are finicky, and neither types will deal well with our charging system hitting130A of charge current. It just makes a standard one need water,lol.

I run dual AGM's in my 01 7.3 diesel, work better than anything else I've had in it over the last 22 years. The Optima's in the winter if it didn't start right away would run out of juice quickly. That's when I quit using them.
1 - 3 of 41 Posts