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Battery relocation

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Can I get some pics of your trunk-mounted battery setups? I'm looking for inspiration. I'm going to be moving the battery to the rear passenger corner and wanted to see how you guys have physically mounted the battery to the car (what style tray/holder) and where have you mounted any fuse/relay panels. I'm not looking for electrical advice, only mounting configurations. Thanks!!

This is my starting point:

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I also wanted to shove my battery in the back. I have zero gauge amplifier cable already running to the back there, all I wanted to use was a curcit breaker next to the battery and ground it somewhere gloss to the frame rail. I have distribution post to connect the original battery cables up front to the new power cables running back. I have these

I was really surprised by the handling difference this made to my car. I upgraded my suspension, steering, wheels and tires after the battery relocation, so I did get a good comparison. The car feels lighter and the front stays well planted without any pushing. It feels safer, more solidly connected to the road in turns.
It reallly made that much of a difference?? I really wanted to try this out next weekend. Only trouble I have is where I should run the ground wire.
This is how I did the bulkhead passthrough - note this won’t work on 89-95s with ABS as those use this hole for wiring. Though the“grommet” in this case is a modified abs harness boot, the center is a cut down hockey puck with the cable fed through

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This is where the cable grounds

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Is the ground wire grounded directly behind the battery? It’s kinda hard to tell front the picture.
That’s shhweeeetttt, I’m running this kit from sky high before it shot up to this price. My ground is connected on the wall of the tire well passenger side and it never gave me any alt noise running JL audio 300/4 450/4 and a Rockford r500 for the sub. Makes it easier having that ground location right behind the battery. So far I have a 250amp circuit breaker and was planning on using the stock battery tray and 3/8” all thread to tie that ***** down. Am I missing anything?

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