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BBK 75mm TB or FMS 70mm TB

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Well what one is better. BBK 75mm TB or a Ford motorsport 70mm TB. Cuz I now have both of them. I think I might start collecting throttle bodies. Im staying N/A so from what I heard was a 70mm would be fine but I got the 75mm first and now i have a 70mm. And its goin on with the heads.

What do I use?

If it matters Im using a 80mm LMAF
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75mm is worthless

unless you port out the TB adapter.

The stock bore size on the TB adapter is about 72mm maybe 72.5mm.

Therefore I buy the MAC 73.66 TB if you do not want to spend the extra dough on porting the TB adapter. I had mine ported out at the tone of 140 bucks for all the work that had to be done.

75mm TB and ported and (somewhat) polished TB adapter install

Hope that helps :)
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hehe well I took my dremal and ported the upper intake for the 75 already (i got an extra one) It is so smooth. I think i did damn good at it. And getting another TB is out of the Question. I already have these 2

What are you going to do with the 70mm TB? Sell It? Let me know. I may be interested.
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