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I've been working on my locks using Liquid wrench and managed to get the passenger door and trunk lock freed up and working nicely using LiquidWrench. The ignition is fine and as the car came with one of the 30th Anniversary ignition keys I want to replace the the drivers door cylinder with a new lock cylinder keyed to the existing keys. So what are my options here? I assume I can probably order one from the ford dealer keyed to the car. Another option would be a locksmith I presume.

At this point the locks not turning and the corrosion is gone. The tumbler cylinders moving freely but held in place by the pins. There's a decent amount of slop and im sure the culprit is mechanical and not corrosion.


I've read there was some sort of change in the locks and cylinders for 1997. Something having to do with 8 vs 10 cut keys or something like that. Can someone elaborate on that and educate me?

Side note. I wanted to soak this overnight in Liquid Wrench but was unable to find anything but the spray cans. It had been soaking in both WD40 and LiquidWrench all day with no progress. I let it soak overnight in something called Evapo-Rust I got from O'Riellys and must say it did a marvelous job of removing the corrosion and cleaning it up. Looks brand new. And before it was a lump of corroded slag. I'm almost tempted to pull the passengers door apart and let that lock cylinder soak in it. But it's back together and working. It's going to be hard to sleep knowing it could look better ;) but if it's not broke.....
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