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A billet front cover version of our popular F63 converter. Specifically fits markVIII's and 96 GT mustangs. Can be adapted to fit any modular engine. Email or call us for details.

This converter starts with a furnace brazed core from a Mercury Marauder. From there we add all our high performance and heavy duty changes.

The billet front cover is twice as thick as it's oem counterpart and includes a drain plug for easy servicing.

The clutch that applies to this front cover is our own special friction that makes our products stand out above the crowd. The high carbon graphite impregnated friction is the most durable and aggressive friction in the industry. At 28 square inches of surface nearly doubles the surface area of it's OEM counterpart.

The stator comes standard with a torrington thrust bearing for unbeatable durability and performance.

The impeller comes standard with a furnace brazed pump.

Optional upgrades include stall increase which give this converter the flexibilty of stalling from 2400 to 3200 or more depending on application. Stall increase is no additional charge.
Flanged impeller pump drive increases RPM capabilites of this unit above 7000 rpms. Also included with that cost is tig welding of fins to prevent fin rolling on high power/high rpm applications. Upgrade cost $100

The turbine comes standard as a furnace brazed unit with solid turbine rivets to prevent spline damage after years of service.

Optional upgrades include adding a stiffner plate to rivet area to prevent distortion and ballooning. Also included in this change is tig welding of fin tips to prevent fin rolling on high rpm/high power applications and fully welding of the turbine hub. Upgrade cost $75

Core is not required however there is a $50-$75 discount for certain cores, call or email for details.

All units are fluid balanced.

(513) 898-1580 alan at dirtydogperformance dot com
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