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I have most of the interior from a black 91 Thunderbird.

There are all the pieces needed to convert from the horrible 89-93 passive restraint system to a normal lap/seat belt system. Canada did not have the passive restraint law back in the early 90's, so their cars had the normal lap/seat belts.

I have:

Right and left front powered seat tracks (with motors, seatbelt hardware and switches/wiring)
Entire rear seat
Right and left front door panels
Front and rear complete set of seat belts and hardware
Right and left sail panels and lower panels
Right and left A-pillars
Right and left door sill panels
Left kick panel
Right and left visors

I don't think it would be practical to ship. The seat tracks are pretty heavy, and it would be difficult to safely package the larger parts, especially the door panels and the sail panels. I'd be willing to look into shipping, but I'm thinking that it would cost way too much. So probably local pickup is the only reasonable option. I live in the Detroit area.

Asking $200 for the whole set


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