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yes and yes.

Generally it's not considered "worth it" to run a bullitt intake on an NA engine. Even more so as a bunch of better plenums have come out.

Since the intake recall is over, Ford upped the price on the revised NPI intake, it's $500-something now. :leftright

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Well,not exactly.The upper and lower from an Newman is approx $780..then there are a bunchnof little things that add up to make it over 1000 by the time you're don,unless you're resourceful,and can scrounge up a few of the pieces.
It is a good mod on a N/A engine..I think I've proven (with Mr Danner's help),that the intake manifolds on these modulars are in drastic need of improvement.

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My buddy just dyno-d at 240 rwhp with an extrude honed bullitt intake on a GT PI Bird with stock PI heads and cams, Kooks headers and bolt-ons at the SCT tuning session in Miami.

He's only a few hp off what GB was doing with PnP NPI's and Compcams with the same headers and bolt ons. I'd say the Bullitt intake helped.

Dan sells the intake in one kit, and there is a "installation" kit that goes along with it, just like the SVO intake. When I ordered the SVO intake, I got a list of what was in the SVO install kit from Dan and found that a lot of the stuff in the install kit was Mustang specific. I already had the 96+ fuel rails and was able to scrounge everything else I needed from the kit for under $100. Like JL said, you can probably do the same with the bullitt if you search the for sale boards here and on Modular Depot and the corral. It's amazing what some of those Mustang guys are 'throwing away.' Including Bullitt intakes. My buddy picked it up used, and I've seen a lot of them advertised for sale. They are way easier to find than used SVO intakes. By the way, for you NPI guys, the Bullitt intake can be port matched to work on NPI heads, or you can do the PI headswap and bolt it right up for some real good gains...

Extrude honing is another thing, I think they get $700 for the Bullitt, that's what they quoted me for the SVO. I sent it to Renegade for porting instead.

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JustinH said:
it is a great intake manifold, but not worth 1000 bucks in my opinion.

I absolutely agree. None of the major mod stuff for our cars is "worth" what they charge us, but where can we get it cheaper, if we want to go all out??? Sure we can settle for JBA's instead of Kooks, but look at the problems. And other than the PI intake experiments now going on, what intake choices do we have??? If we want to see 12's N/A we've got to do something...

To put it in perspective, my heads cost over $1900 and the compcams were almost $600 and that combo with a professionally pnp plenum and 75mm TB took me to the mid 13's maybe a bit lower. I didn't get to the track after Jerry's last tune, and now the car is in pieces, so I'll never know exactly where I was at. Jerry got the TC to lock up and tweaked the power a bit, so I figure maybe 13.3 - 13.5. Rob will be right about there and he spent a lot less than $2500 for the intake. And he still has a ways to go, he's got pnp PI heads waiting to go on.

Let's hope that the guys that are out there making these cars go fast help the vendors see that there is a market and they begin to develop better and cheaper alternatives. Until then, if you want to play the game, you gotta pay the price.

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FYI I did this Bullitt Intake swap on a 96 GT Mustang. I also installed a 2001 GT PI engine at the same time. Here is the parts list;

Description-----------Engineering p/n-------------Service p/n-----------Quantity
List price----------Dealer Cost-------------25% off list----------10% over dlr cost.

ROCKER COVER & GASKET LH-BULLITT+96 F6AE-6A505-HA F6AZ-6582-HA 1 $123.98 $74.39 $92.99 $81.83
ROCKER COVER & GASKET RH-BULLITT+96 F6AE-6582-GB F6AZ-6582-JA 1 $114.25 $68.55 $85.69 $75.41
PCV VALVE - BULLITT ONLY - NON HEATED 1R3Z-6A666-AA 1 $33.04 $14.87 $24.78 $16.36
LOWER INTAKE MANIFOLD-BULLITT 2R3E-9S455-AC 2R3Z-9424-AB 1 $291.67 $175.00 $218.75 $192.50
UPPER INTAKE MANIFOLD-BULLITT 2R3E-9A589-DA 2R3Z-9A589-DA 1 $409.60 $204.80 $307.20 $225.28
THROTTLE BODY ASSEMBLY-BULLITT 2R3U-9E926-AA 2R3Z-9E926-AB 1 $144.00 $72.00 $108.00 $79.20
THROTTLE CABLE BRACKET- BULLITT 1R33-9728-BA 1R3Z-9728-BA 1 $21.81 $10.25 $16.36 $11.28
THROTTLE BODY GASKET - BULLITT F7LE-9E936-AA F7LZ-9E936-AA 1 $3.22 $1.61 $2.42 $1.77
SPACER GSKT - L/ INTK. TO UPPR INTK- BULLITT 2R3E-9E930-AA 2R3Z-9E930-AA 1 $43.10 $25.86 $32.33 $28.45
INTAKE AIR DUCT-BULLITT 1R3U-9R504-CA 1R3Z-9B659-CA 1 $77.27 $46.36 $57.95 $51.00
GASKET-INTAKE MANIFOLD-BULLITT+ GT YL3E-9441-AA YL3Z-9439-BA 2 $10.66 $6.93 $8.00 $7.62
"L" BRACKET 2R3E-9J444-AA 2R3Z-9J444AA 1
$7.32 $4.39 $5.49 $4.83
EGR TUBE 1R3E-9D477-CA 1R3Z-9D477-CA 1
$60.75 $36.45 $45.56 $40.10
HEATER OUTLET TUBE 2R3E-18663-CC 2R3Z-18663-CA 1 $52.43 $31.46 $39.32 $34.61
T-STAT HOUSING 1W7E-8594-AA 1W7Z-8592-AA 1
$19.44 $9.72 $14.58 $10.69
UPPER RADIATOR HOSE 1R33-8260-DA 1R3Z-8260-DA 1 $31.84 $14.33 $23.88 $23.70
DPFE/EVR BRACKET- CAME WITH HOSES / EVR / DPFE 2R3E-9J472-AA 2R3Z-9H472-AA 1 $8.33 $5.00 $6.25 $5.50
SPEED CONTROL CABLE - BULLIITT 1R3F-9A825-DA 1R3Z-9A825-DA 1 $20.83 $12.50 $15.62 $13.75
ALTERNATOR BRACKET - BULLITT 2R3E-10153-AA 2R3Z-10153-AA 1 $20.00 $9.00 $15.00 $9.90
ALTERNATOR - BULLITT YR3U-10300-AB YR3Z-10346-AARM 1 $179.48 $107.69 $134.61 $118.46
THROTTLE CABLE - BULLITT 1R33-9A758-BC 1R3Z-9A758-BA 1 $27.15 $12.76 $20.36 $14.04

The Intake looks outstanding and I feel it really woke up the PI GT engine, but the cost is "up there". At 10% over dealer cost your still at approx $1054.00. This intake was obviously used in production on the Bullitt Mustang. To pass crash testing, the Intake was designed with the runners moved about 3-4 inches forward, as compared to an SVO Racing Intrake or a stock GT intake. This re-design now requires a Cobra alternator--special throttle and speed control cables upper radiator get the picture. It is the additional parts that put this out of reach for some. You may not need rocker covers if you are swapping the Intake on a T/brd 4.6L but if you start with a 1999 or newer GT PI engine, the oil fill tube runs in to the air intake tube and must be moved to the rh rocker cover. Prices were in effect when I did the job 2 years ago. AND of course you'll need an appropriate "chip" or a tune from someone like Jerry to make the whole thing work the best. I was able to find the SVO calibration file that they recommend for their PI heads and Intake and flash it in to my PCM.
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