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CA STAR Station Smog

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I don't understand why I would be required to go to a Star station. According to there website it says if I ever failed before. Ive only smog the car once in my name, but according to records the car has never failed. Oh yea , anybody know if Il fail visual because of my RichardM tube.
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Its been cleaned not even that long ago. I have a feeling its everything, Motor, cats, egr. Motor probably has over or approaching 300,xxx
Cleaned at the intake manifold port ?? or the EGR itself ?

NOx is formed by high cylinder combustion chamber temperatures that combines the Nitrogen and Oxygen molecules .. overheating engine, or a non functioning EGR will cause this .. the EGR displaces the oxygen / reduces fuel, so you dont have as much nitrogen / oxygen burning inside the engine to form NOx. The Cats dont really do much for NOx reduction.
What were all your readings? That will help us figure out where your problem lies. As of now, I'm still thinking a problem with the EGR system though.
PI intake manifold swap...EGR problems solved. The '94-'95 EGR system sucks a fat one.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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