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This is referring to cable for our television/internet, and may be a bit lengthy.

We tried hooking up a DVD burner to our T.V. with the already installed VCR. After getting everything together, the things work, but the cable is crap. The picture is fuzzy, snowy, and with lines. I have disconnected the vcr and dvd burner, and had just the T.V. hooked up to cable, with the same problems.

Now, usually, when something like this happens, it is always the splitter located above the room. So I climb up, bang on the splitter, and everything is usually ok. Not this time. We have replaced the splitter as well as the cable going from the T.V. to the wall jack, and the cable is still the same.

We have tried a signal booster or whatever they are called, and that didn't even help! I am getting tired of trying to fix this, but it has to be something simple. I guess my grandparents shouldn't have gotten us this DVD burner so I wouldn't have to be going through this mess.

What else should I try?
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