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Calling all California thunderbird/cougar/mark 8 owners. we're trying to get together a northern california meet for early to mid summer this year. the goal is to get newcomers into the scene, and obviously meet new people. and of course to show off everyone's unique rides. but we need to get everyone involved. so far there are only a small handfull that have voiced a desire to have a nor-cal meet.

everyone is welcome. stock cars, modified, new and seasoned owners. we need to put northern california on the map and get a group of us together. i'm thinking about anything from a cruise, to a track day, or even just a parking lot get together. we've got plenty of options.

anyone interested please email or PM either myself or cmill95. i'm looking for a little motivation from everyone. i'm hoping that if we can get a good turn out this summer then hopefully we can continue to meet up every year or even throughout the year.

thanks everyone. i hope to hear from many of you soon.
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