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I have a cheap Koss cd player for my beater car. Its a beater car and I dont need anything special for it. Well I got it on ebay a few months ago and just put it in the car this past week. The radio works fine. The CD doesnt seem to work. Its model Koss MS547. It gives me a Error #04 when I put in a CD. Now my main question other then if any one has experience with this brand is what happend to them. Usually for computer items I'm used to you can go to a website and download a manual or something. I cant even find a manufactures website for this CD player. Did Koss go under and now only makes headphones??? I remmeber when I worked in Circuit City two years ago we sold them and had a few models, now i cant find any on a major store name website.
Any help is appriciated.
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