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Only after running a while in hotter weather and intermittent!!! The motor starts sputtering and running on like half the cylinders. Only got Check Engine light once and codes. I'll get codes after lunch. All codes are air/fuel related.


1. Bad O2 sensors
2. PCM/J-CHIP problem
3. Fuel pump (vapor lock) ( 225lph pump)(replaced fuel filter last week)
4. Replaced ignition tumbler and key recently? Maybe ignition switch is bad.
5. give me your thoughts!

This happened before only it threw no codes!

The trans has also kicked out of gear at the same time. Engine cools and sits for a while, then runs perfect.

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I would first check the fan motor. If you have a scanner it is easy just turn on the low sped fan, wait a few seconds and turn on the high speed fan.

If not you need to disconnect the wires and check the resistance across the fan motor. The outer wires should have the same resistance as the inner and outer pins.

If the motor is ok I would look at the ECT:

At 50 deg F it should have 58.75 K ohms
At 68 deg F it should be 37.3 K ohms
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