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I searched and it seems that carsound/magnaflow is #1 choice for cats around here
however im not able to find any part#, their websites are very confusing for some1 with basic understanding such as myself and i have a few other questions.

could some1 be kind enough to show me how to find or give me the part# ill need?
also if i understand correctly from manifolds its 2" and after it goes to 2.25" on a stock 97 v8 4.6L?
so will i need 2.25" in/out cats and exhaust shop will have to fit them?
and i understand the cats need to be moved back a little? does any1 know if/how that effects O2 sensors?

the exhaust shop was being kinda anal saying they cant fit cats if they move them back as they will hang too low, which i think is bs cuz they also said that highflow cats make 0 sound or/and performance difference

thx for the help!

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yeah that is a 2" in out universal..
that's the recommended uni cat.
but the 94005 is a 2-1/4 in/out..
If I am not mistaken the exhaust is 2" in out until after the y-pipe ( factory exhaust). Then it goes to 2-1/4.

If you want to just replace the front pipe then use the y-pipe number.. I believe Keystone carries that line. If you are going to replace the cats only then I would ( on my own car) upgrade the front pipe to a somewhat larger diameter pipe. 2-1/2 maybe ... then use new 2-1/2 in/out cats.
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