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hey yall,

when those dumbasses ripped my cd player out, i think that they did something to the wiring. the power cord will not put out power. but, the ground puts out sparks. i dont get that. i did have the cd player running for a little while, but it stopped. We ran a wire from the positive on the battery to the cd player. and that didnt do anything.

its getting some sort of power because the red LED flashes when u take the face off, and when u press the reset button, the screen comes on for a min.

it is a BOSS cd player.

anyone have a clue what to do?

This is the 3rd cd player ive put in, never had problems with the others. u think since they ripped the last one out, it messed somethin bad up?

cause i sure dont. monday im gonna take it to the audio place and say...HERE! FIX IT!


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