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check engine light

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I've been getting "check engine light" intermittently now for about 2 months. The light comes on for about 2-4 minutes then goes out. The car runs good but, I did develop sort of a slightly rough idle several months before this, especially noticeable when A/C is turned on. I called the dealer and was told they could do nothing until the light stayed on. My car is a 95 SC auto with 94K miles, and has been great. Plugs were changed a couple of weeks ago with no improvement. Any thoughts or do I wait for a permanent light?

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many times the intermittent "check engine light" means its time to change your O2 sensors......

good luck:rolleyes:
i think my sc is posessed, every time my friend ryan drives it, he throws a check engine light, which we scanned the codes and it gave one for the o2 and for te MAF..... that o2 better not be going bad, its got about 13k on it, and cost me $110 EACH!
Goto pep boys...the code should be stored.

Pete...I suggest you don't let Ryan drive your car. Or get a flip chip and let him borrow it in "valet mode" or a rev limiter of 2000rpms. :D
wierd thing is it had nothing to do with the rpms, sometimes it'd come on around 1500 or so just cruising.... anyway, after next weekend ryan probably wont drive my sc too much, his 93 that he bought with blown hg about a month ago should be on the road by then.
Ill bet its your cam sensor. Check your codes but for 34.99 and 5 min work I would try this first. On my car it did the same thing and i let it go and it ran to rich and fried my cats so dont delay this. Mark J.
hmm that could be, i just replaced a busted crank sensor as well... ive got 105k btw.
That dealer you called is full of ****. Anytime you get a check engine light a code is stored in the PCM (computer). The stored code will stay in the PCM for quite some time even if the check engine light doesn't come on again. But if you have disconnected your battery cables since the last check engine light all codes will be erased. Buy a code reader and scan for codes.
Code Scanner

Where does one get this code scanner... and what is the cost of one?..

Actually, if the code is intermittent, it's only actuall in the computer when the problem is happening. The only time it's "stored" is when the light stays on. So you'd have to do a road test with a scanner hooked up and try to get it to do it.
On my friends Sable it comes on, but when we reconnect the Maf (harness cracked), it goes away. It is not stored.
same problem

I'm getting the same crap from the check engine light. pulled the codes for both o2 sensors lean and maf low voltage. they are all new! ive got a complaint. any ideas?
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