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Morning. My name is Doc and I need some help with my stock 95 4.6 bird.
I’m in a bit of a bind as this is my sons car and he is away at college. So he has my car currently while I fix this - so in short I’m out of a car at the moment.
I installed a used but factory rebuilt trans last summer. Everything has been fine. The car sat over the summer while my son was home from school. Now it it making a noise that sounds like one of the torque converter bolts is hitting the block. It’s speed changes with engine speed. It will not happen if I am super easy on the throttle. It doesn’t happen in reverse - until you let off the gas. I’ve attached some videos.

I’m pretty sure it’s the sprag/overrunning clutch in the trans. (Which is what failed on the last trans). I’ve pulled the inspection cover and starter and find no damage. I’ve tried to check the crank for excessive thrust play and really don’t see any. I’ve drained the oil from the engine and found no metal. Sometimes it goes away but only for a short time. I’m going to pull the trans pan next. The car runs and drives fine. Shifts Just like it always has.

The last video is the car user full accel in reverse. Note how it makes the noise after I let off.
Really makes me think sprag.
It’s a clean former California car currently in Wisconsin. Not sure I can go through another trans change lying on my back in the garage. I drove the car I got this used trans from and it was just fine. Even had the ford reman tag still on it. Fluid was pink and clear then. I changed the fluid and filter before installing and it’s still pink. Any thoughts? Can spark knock be this loud ?
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