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--Multifunction switch--should work in 94-97 MN12's (F4 part number). Used but in perfect working order. $30 shipped

--Transmission seal (front) for 4R70W (F2VY-7A248-A)--New in OEM packaging. $5 shipped

--U-Joints x2 for MN12/Mark VIII (maybe others) made by Precision. New in box. Part# 354. $10 shipped. SOLD. Thanks cjchevez!

--Brake Best hardware kit for 99-04 Mustang calipers. New in box. Part# HDW5652. $7 shipped.

--Torque Converter nuts (4) and Flexplate bolts (6) for Marauder TC conversion. New in packaging. $5 shipped for both together.SOLD. Thanks FordMan77!

--Cougar wheels (4) -pic- no caps. Good condition. I got them free locally so I only want shipping costs. I don't know what that would be but can find out if someone is interested. I can split them into two's for slicks if needed. Just lemme know.

--Original driveshaft from my 97 Thunderbird (replaced with an aluminum one from a group purchase). It'll fit any 4.6L MN12 or Mark (94 and later) with 4R70W. It is in good shape and didn't give me any vibes. You might wanna replace the U-Joints to be safe (see above listing). Has about 70K miles on it. $40 shipped.

General questions--post 'em here.
To set up a purchase--PM me.

After a few days, it'll all go to Ebay

Thanks for looking.

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I need u joints for my 93 MarkViii driveshaft .
Pm me paypal info .
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