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To follow up my a garage cleaning sale, I am now listing the parts that are in my shed. Please check the other thread here to make sure there is nothing else you might need.

My PM box fills up fast. Please use the link to email me about any parts you are interested in. It makes it easier to track conversations and allows me to reply more quickly.

Hood latch bracket – SOLD
Airbag sensor brackets – Make offer
Header panel brackets – Make offer
Fender bracket (Driver side I think) – Make offer
Under-hood fuse box bracket – Make offer
Unidentified bracket - Maker offer
Lower radiator brackets – Make offer
Differential mount (Was a Ford replacement around ’06 30-40k miles) - $20
Coil pack brackets – Make offer
DPFE Bracket – SOLD
Water pump pulley (How did I get so many of these?) – SOLD
Hood latch (Removed from a ’97) - SOLD
Sunroof drain tubes (removed from a ’97 but should work for other years) - $20/set
Trunk latch with solenoid - Make offer
Locking fuel door, solenoid, housing and wiring (missing some fasteners and button) – SOLD
Standard fuel door – Make offer
Blend door actuator - $10
Brake pedal pad for automatic - $5
Airbag sensors – Make offer
Spare tire hold-down - SOLD
4V COPs (Removed from ’03 Aviator, one is not OEM) – Make offer
Under-hood fuse box cover - $5
94/95 OD wire harness - $10
Power seat switch in good condition with top of joystick - $10
Premium sound amp (Removed from a ’97) - $10
94/95 Thunderbird rear speaker covers – Make offer
’97 Cluster lens – Make offer

96/97 Thunderbird driver side quarter panel trim - $10
Mirror hole trim (right and left) – Make offer
Lx driver side air bag – Make offer
New Ford slider pins for PBR calipers – SOLD
IAT Sensor – Make offer
DPFE Sensor – SOLD
Multifunction switch - $20
94-97 Interior fuse box cover (includes a couple fuses and the removal tool) - $5
Turn signal bulb sockets (Qty = 3) – Make offer
Trunk button (non-locking) – Make offer
94-97 Interior temp sensor – Make offer
94-97 Ashtray for back of console - $5
94-97 Standard headlight switch – Make offer
Cruise control switches (2 sets, one is 94-96 and the other is 97) – SOLD
97 door panel reflectors (all red but work is 94-96 which are white/red) - $10/pair
Power seat switches (missing top piece of joystick but still functional, Qty = 2) - $5/ea
94-96 shifter button - $5
Headlight retaining rings (Qty 3) – make offer
Thunderbird third brake light housing with logo panel (needs to be re-glued) - $10
Thunderbird third brake light housing - $10
Rear defroster button – Make offer
‘97 Console coin holder – Make offer
’97 Console rubber cup holder insert – Make offer
94-97 Gray dome light for non-sunroof (OK condition) – Make offer
Vacuum lines – Make offer
Passenger side door hinges (No sag) - $20
96/97 4.6 Intake muffler – $10
96/97 4.6 IAC - SOLD
MN12 4.6 Alternator - $40
Power steering reservoir - SOLD
Washer fluid reservoir - $10
4.6 Harmonic balancer – Make offer

Door weather stripping(upper and perimeter pieces) - SOLD

Thunderbird roof trim (runs front to back) - SOLD

Older style(removed from a 95) tinted door windows - $20/side
Passenger side Thuderbird quarter window -$20
Newer style(removed from a 97) door window - $20
All windows are local sale only.

Black 97 or 98 Mark VIII front floor mats - SOLD

3.07 Gears from a Mark VIII(Good choice for manual SCs) - $20
Differential cover brace - $100
F4 Cover (Required for brace) - $20 or free with brace

I am working on pricing but a lot will be best offer. Shipping and PayPal fees are additional. The more you buy, the more I'll knock off.


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What about this stuff?

Hood latch (Removed from a ’97) - $10
Hood latch bracket – Make offer
New Ford slider pins for PBR calipers – Make offer
Cruise control switches (2 sets, one is 94-96 and the other is 97) – Make offer

Send me a PM with total, and I'll send you more cash. :)

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any rear window trim? looking for both the top and bottom piece.
Sorry, what you see is what I've got.

All PMs and emails should be replied to. I did have emails going to spam for some reason, so let me know if I missed you.


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Thanks for the fast shipping. Parts look nice n clean. Gl with the rest of the sales.

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Bump... still have way too much stuff

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Sorry guys, apparently I wasn’t getting any emails from the website. I think I have it fixed now.

I'm interested in both third brake lights if you still have them.
They are still available. What is your zip?

I would like the tbird third brake lite with logo
95sctbird is first in line, but it is still here.

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