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Drivers side only. There is a clunk in the suspension only after moderate-hard braking when the car recoils back up.

The suspension is quiet on bumps and on the highway.

I can re-create it at will. Just have to jump on the brakes so that it nose dives a little, and let off. Its when I let off the brakes that it clunks. It sounds almost like its up high, and you can feel it pop in the brake pedal or so it seems.

The car has 53K miles on it. The upper control arm and ball joint have been replaced. The sway links are suspect due to the rubber boots being torn. I have stuck my head under there, cant see anything else wrong. I've put a socket on the frame side strut mount, and the big washer turns when the car is on the ground but tight when up in the air. I tightened the three bolts for the strut mount.

Same thing.......any ideas???
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