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For those of you who are about to begin swapping your '97 style instrument cluster out for the 89-96 style instrument cluster, here are a few tips:

1: The cars that originally came with the 6 gauge cluster have the voltmeter feed wired into the RUN circuit on the ignition switch. While you have the dash apart, you can connect the voltmeter feed wire to the ACC circuit, so that it will show system voltage in both the RUN and ACC positions. To do so, take the wire coming from Pin 17 (Circuit 298, P/O) on Connector C250 of the new (pre-97) cluster harness and connect it to an accessory circuit. I used an Add-A-Circuit from AutoZone and tapped into an accessory fuse in the under-dash fuse panel.

2: Even if your '97 doesn't have ABS or Traction Assist at all, there is still a wire for the T/A OFF indicator light in the harness behind the instrument cluster. It connects to Pin 13 (Circuit 960, BK/LB) on the 97 cluster harness, and is exactly the same color as the wire on Pin 10, Circuit 875 (97 cluster) which is a signal ground for the tach when used with an eight cylinder engine. Be sure that you don't accidentally connect the T/A wire to the tach grounding pin on the new cluster connector.

3: If you want your oil gauge to function like a real one, go to NAPA and get NAPA part #OP6091SB. It's an oil pressure sending unit, should be right around $12. Remove the factory oil pressure switch and screw in the new one. Now, before you install your new cluster, take a piece of wire and solder it across the 20 ohm resistor on the back of the oil gauge, being careful to solder onto the metal leads of the resistor, not the mylar flex-circuit.
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