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Well, after reading through the forum (whew!), and the poll (When did your 4R70W transmission fail?), I have decided to completely rebuild and update my tranny with 96K on it. Having just bought the car with a transmission problem (broken 1-2 accumulator spring, old style piston, and a cocked cover.) I can't say as to whether simply replacing these would have completely fixed the problem. I want to to get 100,000+ trouble free miles out of it, so I'm just going to rebuild it since I'm 30% of the way there already.

My question is:

Is there any expert input as to whether the new style Ford clutch frictions and steels or the Alto Red Eagle and Kolene steels are preferable? This will be a street car, driven hard - hopefully for many, many miles.
My last tranny overhaul (an unnamed orphan import with a ZF 3-speed) went for 350,000 miles and I am hoping for the same with this one!

So, any caveats to the Alto products? The Borg Warner? Or are the 'new' stock parts better?
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